The Daily for iPad Updated Again, Finally Some Noticeable Performance Improvement

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The Daily for iPad

The Daily – the iPad-only newspaper from News Corp, was updated again a couple days ago, to Version 1.0.5. Here are the changes listed for this update:

– Enhancements to subscription process
– Improvements to start-up experience
– Increased performance of weather page

Following this update, The Daily actually does feel a fair bit snappier. When it is not loading a new issue / new content, it loads in about 5 seconds for me. This is substantially better than before.

Moving between pages now also feels much smoother and most individual page loads seem quite a bit quicker.

Of all the various minor 1.0.x updates The Daily has had so far, this one is the one where I’ve noticed improvement the most.

Here’s an App Store link for The Daily; it’s a free app with in-app weekly and yearly subscription options at $0.99 and $39.99 respectively.

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3 thoughts on “The Daily for iPad Updated Again, Finally Some Noticeable Performance Improvement”

  1. Agreed, but still doesn’t support multiple-tasking. Drives me nuts having to relaunch every time I jump away to check email. The worst, however, is when you click on a link the Daily provides and jumps you into Safari. Getting back to the original article is painful.

    1. Believe me – that drives me nuts as well. Its inability to remember where you left off breaks up all rhythm and enjoyment when reading it for anything close to an extended period.

  2. I read the Wall Street Journal daily on my iPad (WSJ subscription). I am a “newsy” but there are just too many free apps and other good sources of current news for me to pay for The Daily. I was very disappointed with that app. Certainly not worth .99 a day. There are many apps that I would spend $40 on before I would spend it on The Daily. BTW, I’m not a FOX or Murdoch hater by any stretch of the imagination. I’m a regular viewer of FOX NEWS and use the free FOX Business app on my iPad almost daily.

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