The Daily for iPad Updated, Supposedly Brings Some Sort of Newsstand Related Improvements

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The Daily Dowloading new content

The Daily for iPad, the original iPad-only newspaper, was updated again yesterday – to Version 1.2.7.

This is mostly a minor update focused on bug fixes, but one of the items mentioned in the change list is ‘Increased reliability of Newsstand’. That’s some pretty poor, vague wording – and I don’t feel sure I even know what it means. The Daily has no control over Newsstand, that’s an Apple product – so the wording is very odd in that respect right off that bat.

As far as I’m concerned, Newsstand’s primary (only) good purpose is to facilitate new issues / content for all its titles downloaded nicely in the background – so when you open them up, they’re ready to go and present you with fresh new content. So I assumed that maybe that’s what was being increased / improved in this update – but sadly, just as with other updates to The Daily, I don’t see any noticeable improvement in this area at all so far. After applying the update yesterday it still took the app quite a while to download a new issue and have pages ready to read. This morning was the same again.

At one point The Daily had seemed to improve in this area. It’s more than a little disappointing to see this feature still doesn’t work well at all. And after this long I really don’t see the point of it continuing to be in Newsstand if it can’t get this right.

I know we have quite a few readers of The Daily here. Your thoughts on this latest update / The Daily’s Newsstand performance?

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