The Daily: Forgetting I’m a Subscriber on a Daily Basis

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Oh the laughs and fun The Daily provides. Not so much in their Arts & Life or Gossip pages – but more in the ‘Continually Flubbing the Basics’ sort of way. You know, like not downloading new content automatically like Newsstand apps are supposed to. Or, for its latest trick, routinely ‘forgetting’ that I’m a subscriber.

This morning, as it does many mornings, the app greeted me with the lovely page shown above – telling me how swell it would be to become a subscriber and prompting me to do so now as my free period has expired. Great idea – except that I am already a subscriber, and have been for many months now.

I’ve been seeing these prompts quite often from The Daily of late, so I even went and checked in the App Store, to verify that nothing had gone astray with my subscription. And of course nothing had:


Even so, when I returned to The Daily I was greeted with another alert that my subscription had expired. So first my free period had expired, then my subscription. And then a minute or so later, this alert to say thanks for subscribing:

Thanks for Subscribing

Way to stay on top of things there The Daily. I’m just out of my free period. Nope, my subscription has expired. Nope, thanks for being a new subscriber. The fact is, I’ve been a subscriber for nearly a year now.

The Daily does some things very well, like their scoop on Microsoft Office for iPad today – but damn they’re good at buggering up the basic stuff too.

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4 thoughts on “The Daily: Forgetting I’m a Subscriber on a Daily Basis”

  1. Same problems. Not always loading the new issue in the background, constantly wanting to check for new content, forgetting I’m a subscriber, and generally being slow and annoying. Might just be my iPad, but when I tell it that I do *not* want to download new content, it takes a very long time to respond and allow me to use the ap again.

    1. Yup, I see that same lack of responsiveness when I try to tell it whether or not to download new content too.

    1. Yes, I’m well aware that I’ve often griped and bitched about The Daily’s deficiencies. Here’s why I continue to deal with it: it still does some things quite well, and also this (iPad newspapers and magazines) is one of my favorite areas of the App Store and I find it fascinating to follow the progress of the first iPad-only newspaper.

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