The Daily Gets Another Minor Update

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The Daily – the first iPad-only newspaper – got another minor update last night, to Version 1.0.4. Here’s what’s stated as new in this update:

– Improved stability
– Increased responsiveness throughout the app
– Improved performance when using offline or connecting via 3G

Once again, the update delivers very little tangible improvement that I can see. I installed it last night and have spent a fair bit of time with the app since. Here are my quick thoughts on it:

— I saw a crash (dumped back to the home screen while swiping through pages) within 5 minutes of installing the update.

— The app is still very slow loading. It still takes close to 15 seconds to launch even when it is not loading a new issue / new content. Rival apps like USA Today, The New York Times, CNN, and ABC News all load in 2/3 to half the time of The Daily. When it needs to load new issue content, the app still takes over 20 seconds to be ready to use – still way too slow.

— Moving through article pages and articles now seems a little bit smoother. This is a welcome improvement.

— The app, sadly and comically, still does not remember where you left off when you switch away from it and return.

The Daily has now had four of these minor 1.0.x updates in its time on the App Store – and none of them have addressed or corrected the app’s most severe issues. It really feels like it’s time for more of a 1.1 update that provides substantial improvement.

For more of my thoughts on it, see my full review of The Daily for iPad.

And here’s an App Store link for The Daily.

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