The Daily, iPad-only Newspaper – No Notifications at All?

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The Daily – the first and only iPad-only newspaper title – has at least hinted at having notifications for breaking news ever since it launched four months ago. It has prompted users to ask if they will allow it to send notifications, and has a place in its general settings where you can choose to toggle Breaking News Notification on or off.

I’ve had mine set to On since Day 1 of using the app, yet up to now I don’t recall seeing a single notification from The Daily in these four months. Now I’ll be the first to say I really don’t want an overload of breaking news alerts from any app – but zero seems a tad low for 1/3 of a year’s worth of news. I’m thinking there are some breaking items I would’ve liked to see alerts for.

The CNN app hits me with 1-3 breaking news notifications per day on average, and I’d say that’s fine. The complete lack of notifications from The Daily – while in effect advertising them by having a setting for them – seems another example of its inability to get the basics right.

Anyone else have a different experience with The Daily and notifications? Have you been seeing any?

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