The Daily iPad-only Newspaper Updated – Finally Looks Improved

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Well what do you know. It looks like The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper, may finally be working out some of its major issues. The app has been updated today, to Version 1.2.2 – and the update is said to address some of the biggest complaints about it.

Here’s the change list for the new version:

• Bugs affecting load times have been fixed
• Background downloads and new issue prompts are improved
• Multitasking enabled, so that the app opens quickly to the page you left off
• Facebook sharing is fixed

I just applied the update a short while ago and so far it looks very good, especially on two basics: loading faster and remembering your place. The app is now loading up with a viewable front page in well under 10 seconds. That’s a whole lot faster than it has ever been. It is also remembering where you left off when you switch away from the app and even if you quit it and re-open it.

Obviously I don’t know yet whether background downloads are working better. I’ll see how that goes over the next few days – but what I’ve seen thus far is very encouraging. I’ve criticized The Daily heavily for its failure to address those two basic issues – so I’m very glad to see that they’ve finally got those sorted out and the app performing much better.

I know we have a good number of readers of The Daily here – so please chime in in the comments and let me know whether you are also seeing major improvement after this update.

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2 thoughts on “The Daily iPad-only Newspaper Updated – Finally Looks Improved”

  1. It’s the Daily… Run and funded by Rupert Murdoch aba CLUSTER-FOX and the ever-wiretapping ex-News of the World !!! WHO CARES WHAT IT DOES .? The BEST thing that can happen to the Daily, is for it to GO OUT OF BUSINESS !!!

  2. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have fixed The Daily’s biggest problem: it’s more newspaper than iPad app. Fixed page layouts. Fixed sections. Sections that are useless (crossword puzzle? Sudoku? Horoscopes?).
    That it contents suck and that it belongs to Murdoch’s evil empire doesn’t help, either.

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