The Daily – Less Impressive Each Day

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The Daily for iPad

You might think the page of The Daily, the highly-touted new iPad only newspaper, shown in the above screenshot is not a very interesting one. And you’d be absolutely right. It’s one I’ve been seeing a fair bit of in using the app lately though.

The more time spend with The Daily, the less impressive the app is. Seeing blank pages like this, when simply swiping to move to the next article, is becoming commonplace. As others have noted in the comments on my early impressions post, the lag within the app – when loading, when using the ‘carousel’ for moving between articles, and even at times when swiping through pages of a single article – is noticeable and unreasonably long for a publicly released app.

I’m now on Day 3 of using The Daily, and each day it is feeling more and more like a clumsy beta that was released too soon.

The pervasive lag / slowness of the app is bad enough; but here are the two issues that are the most disappointing so far:

— I am seeing the ‘A new issue of The Daily is being delivered’ message several times a day. I would expect to see this once a day in the morning, the time at which The Daily has said it releases a new issue, but not multiple times a day. Either the app is ‘forgetting’ that it has already delivered me the day’s issue, or it is still needing a slow, 30-second plus download each time it even adds smaller bits of breaking news throughout the day. Either way, that’s thoroughly unimpressive.

— The app nearly always forgets where I left off reading, even when it has been sitting in the Multitasking Bar after only a brief switch away from it. This is a huge failure – as it also takes far too long to get back to the article I was previously reading, due to the slow and clunky performance of the carousel.

All the faults mentioned here are quite basic things. Things that really should’ve been worked out with all the months and millions that have been poured into this title. In the UK there’s a national paper called The Daily Mail. Here’s hoping The Daily gets updated and gets its act together soon, before it’s dubbed The Daily Fail.

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8 thoughts on “The Daily – Less Impressive Each Day”

  1. Here in the UK most enlightened people already refer to the Mail as The Daily Fail, as it’s full of terribly right-leaning fear-mongering. A more apt name for The Daily would simply be The Faily, as i concur with all your experiences.

    Off topic, did you mean ‘reading’ not ‘reasoning’? good old autocorrect…;)

    Also any chance of a ‘remember me’ for leaving a comment?

  2. Ha – that’s a good suggestion on the name.

    Reasoning vs. reading – I wish I could blame auto-correct. Sadly it was manual-cockup that was the cause though. Thanks for spotting and now corrected.

    I’m looking at the comments system again. May switch to another with more / better features soon.

  3. Are you looking at it on wi- fi or 3G ?

    I have read it everyday too and other than it having to reload every time….which is a little bit of a pain, I am not seeing the blank pages at all….some of the ads load a little slow sometimes, but in 5 seconds or so, they pull up.

    Also I am reading it in portrait mode, your picture looks like maybe horizontal viewing ?

  4. Looks like the app is heavy on marketing, light on content (actually content not too bad) and technical know-how. I officially deleted the Daily app yesterday, considering all the buggyness. Somehow Murdoch did a great job on the WSJ app – they need to take the same team to The Daily App.

  5. I’m still trying to understand the whole iPad Newspaper thing!. . . I get all my new free from the BBC online via my phone?. . . and another thing. . .has anyone tried carrying an iPad around all day, not exactly something you can just put in your pocket, its not to bad for the girls, but us guys are going to have to start carrying handbags or have suits or jackets that look lob sided, or we can all start wearing combat trousers!!

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