The Daily Updated Again – Slight Improvements

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The Daily for iPad

The Daily – the first iPad-only newspaper title – has had another minor update, its second of this week. Version 1.0.2 is once again all about fixes and performance improvement, with these changes noted:

• Better performance and stability
• Crisper swiping between articles
• Various bug fixes
• Twitter sign-in for sharing is fixed
• Smoother opening experience
• Improvements to carousel rotation

I’ve not been shy in criticizing The Daily for a number of major faults in its early days, so it seems only fair to mention that this latest update does seem to have improved the app a bit. The app is loading new issues (and just content updates) a bit faster. Still not fast enough, but better than before. It is now, sensibly, loading the main navigation carousel and some content elements first, and then continuing to download in the background.

I’ve even seen a little status wheel at the top left of the screen (by The Daily logo) showing the percentage downloaded at times:

The Daily iPad-only newspaper

The carousel for navigation also feels considerably smoother now, which is a good thing.

The app still has a long, long way to go though. The carousel still gets jerky at times, pages still load slowly at times, moving from page to page is still too slow and jerky, and the app still miserably fails to remember where you left off reading.

Today, the app threw a huge running banner across the main page showing the breaking news on Mubarak finally stepping down. It’s disappointing that they did not send a notification on this, as both the CNN and New York Times apps did.

For those of you who have stuck with The Daily, how are you finding it after this week’s updates?

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7 thoughts on “The Daily Updated Again – Slight Improvements”

  1. The updates have resolved most of the issues. I am very pleased with The Daily. You have to appreciate the frequent updates. I am not sure why The Daily is getting so much criticism while other news apps that have been around for many months (NYTimes for example) are still more buggy than The Daily. The Daily also does a good job with major breaking news updates. There really is nothing else out there to compare to The Daily. News aggregators are great and I still use them, but they offer a lot of shallow, repetitive news bits which I just don’t have time to sift through. I, for one, am rooting for The Daily and am very pleased with what they are offering.

    1. I’ve said before I’m also rooting for The Daily, and I really feel that way. They’re attempting something big and I like them for that. And I do appreciate the slight improvements this week. But … there’s still a hell of a lot to improve. Page turns and page loads are still often way too jerky and slow, and it is appalling that the app cannot recall where you are when you exit and go back in.

  2. I agree, there still could be some improvements. They have shown that they are listening and will make more improvements. But it certainly is very usable as is. I’ve had zero crashes since the last update and have spent hours in the app, flipping back and forth between the carousel and full size articles. And not that it would be a bad feature, but none of the other “news” apps take you back to where you were previously reading.

    1. Sorry – have to disagree on that last point. USA Today, CNN, and The New York Times all remember and return to where you left off. Many others as well, that’s just three quick examples. It’s ridiculous for it not to have this feature.

    1. Yeah they really need to. Here’s hoping they keep working on the app and improving it.

      That was odd / disappointing today that they took the time to create a banner for the Egypt news but no notification. Even with all these months of development and investment, they still don’t seem to understand iOS that well.

  3. I am very surprised that The Daily app was released with some many unresolved problems since it was released as a joint venture with Apple. I do expect it to continue to improve. I plan on purchasing an annual subscription, but not until the technical bugs are worked out. I am satisfied with the content.

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