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Cultured Code published a post at their Things Blog yesterday, with their latest update on the status of cloud sync for the Things task management app. The big piece of good news in their update is that they will not be charging for the cloud sync feature / service when it is eventually available.

It turns out that the hard work of making our solution scalable has paid off – our sync service has gracefully handled this increasing traffic – and with usage data on hand from this large group, we can also now confirm that there will be no need to charge for the service. Our cloud sync service will be free for all users of Things.

The bad news is that their beta program seems to be continuing at the same leisurely pace that has been the trademark of Cultured Code’s approach all along. The beta program started in early May but included only Macs, no iOS devices. Yesterday’s post states that iOS testing will begin with a small group of testers, on August 22. So it sounds like they are still months away from a public release. Bearing in mind that several rival apps have offered cloud sync for a long while now, the lack of any sense of urgency on this subject from Cultured Code continues to surprise me. This is all too little and too late for me; I’ve recently switched to OmniFocus and I’m very happy with the change.

For more details, and to hear what Cultured Code think about iOS 5 and iCloud and why their own solution is still the right one, see their full article here:

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5 thoughts on “The Latest on Things and Cloud Sync”

  1. Like you, we have also switched to Omnifocus and are very happy with it. I wanted to keep our personal items separate from work so I also looked at other choices. I have been very impressed with Wunderlist also. It syncs with iOS, Mac and pc and they’re all free. Overall, it works well, the only problems I have had is sometimes when it syncs it duplicates a few of the entries. Still good for a free app though.

    1. Wunderlist is a good app, but it lacks some features that are essential for me – one of those being support for recurring tasks.

      1. I hadn’t thought about that. Omnifocus definitely is the king to me right now. Wunderlist just impressed me for being decent and free on all platforms.

  2. I still really like the look of Things, but, dear god, have they ever taken their time on this.

  3. I’m guessing that stuff came up in the developers life that just made it hard to keep up with it. I can be forgiving from a personal point of view, but as a business model this wait for cloud sync is a disaster.

    3 recommendations for cultured code:

    1)Stop writing long explanatory/excuse ridden blog posts and finish the freakin’ job on cloud sync before you lose all of your user base. ( might already be too late on this one)
    2) lower your price on all three apps(iPad/iPhone/Mac). Users will be happier, and you will likely make much more money. I PROMISE. Listen to planet money’s recent podcast about Instapaper. That guy cut his price from $10 to $5 and his revenue went up by 4-5X!!!!!
    3) in general you should hire a manager who’s job it is to kick your ass a little bit and help you stop procrastinating The money it costs to hire this person will be repaid to you many times over by increasing your terrible productivity

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