The Magazine Updated – Enhancements for iPad mini & More

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The Magazine for iPad

The Magazine: For geeks like us, Marco Arment’s superb new iPad magazine that celebrates good writing, was updated this week – to Version 1.1.

At the top of the update’s change list is a bit of good news for iPad mini users:

Improved legibility on iPad mini

I think The Magazine was already one of the better titles to read on the iPad mini, but any improvement is always welcome.

Here’s the remainder of the V 1.1 change list:

– Better in-app-purchase flow
– Many small bugfixes and improvements
– Share links within articles or send them to Instapaper
– Share selected text from articles
– Post to with Netbot if you have Netbot installed
– New Settings screen: manage your subscription, choose from installed web browsers for opening links (supports Safari, Chrome, Opera Mini, iCab Mobile, Grazing, Mercury, Dolphin, and Terra)

The Magazine is a genuinely unique title and a very refreshing approach to what an iPad magazine can be. It’s good to see it improving and adding small features that are helpful while still keeping things simple and clean.

Here’s an App Store link for The Magazine; it’s a free app with subscription available via In-App purchase.

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