The New Yorker Magazine Coming to the iPad, Using Same Publishing Platform as Wired

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The New Yorker, the iconic magazine title from publisher Condé Nast, confirmed today that it will use the Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe to create an engaging magazine experience for tablet devices like the iPad. 

That’s an excerpt from a recent blog post at  This should be doubly good news for iPad owning fans of The New Yorker – as the publishing solution to be used is the same one that the outstanding Wired Magazine iPad Edition was created with.

Any New Yorker readers here?

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9 thoughts on “The New Yorker Magazine Coming to the iPad, Using Same Publishing Platform as Wired”

  1. I'm a New Yorker subscriber, and have been for years. I fear they will price this above my desire for a digital version, as many of the other magazines and newspapers have done. If so, I will continue to carry around my old-school paper version of the magazine. As a paper version subscriber, I get it mailed to me each week for about a dollar an issue. Why would the digital iPad version have to cost so much more?

  2. New Yorker reader here! This is great news – I have been hoping my fave magazine would come out with an edition for my new iPad. I wonder if it's going to cost me more, though.

  3. Price is the big sticking point with most or all well-known newspaper and magazine apps that have come to the iPad so far. Here's hoping The New Yorker offers some more attractive rates than other recent entrants.

  4. I am a subscriber to the "electronic edition" of the New Yorker. I wonder if I will be able to transfer my present subscription to the iPad. That, I think, would be only fair, but who has ever heard of business people being "fair".

  5. What is just as annoying as the high costs of iPad editions relative to paper copies is the fact that some publishers are charging more for iPad content than for content delivered on PCs. The Wall Street Journal is a case in point. And I fear the New Yorker will also tread this path (as well as the New York Times). Why should access to full content on an iPad cost more than full access on a PC or Mac? While the New Yorker PC paid subscription service is a terrible product, at least it is reasonably priced. And for those of in foreign lands, it is the only New Yorker option at the moment.

  6. I have been waiting for this. The digital version (and yes, I'm a loyal NYorker subscriber) they currently have is only readable on a laptop or desktop computer and actually, it is a horrific implementation – a shortcut, basically as it is simply a PDF of the whole magazine… and when you open it on an iPad, it is filled with bugs.

  7. The New Yorker now has an iPad formatted digital version for digital subs. Go to the digital edition on the iPad and it automatically opens. But it is a joke. I can't even log in. It just hangs.

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