The New Yorker Magazine for iPad Launched

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The New Yorker Magazine for iPad

The New Yorker Magazine for iPad has been released on the App Store. It’s a free app that contains a sample table of contents and a ‘How To Use The New Yorker App’ section. You can purchase the first iPad edition (the October 4 issue) in-app for $4.99.

The first iPad issue has a gorgeous cover created by no less than David Hockney, and the next page in offers a video showing how the cover image was created.


The good news on The New Yorker Magazine for iPad is:

— It’s here.

— It offers an effective and funny Intro on how to use it, with diagrams and a funny video with Jason Schwartzman.

— From just a very cursory glance around the first issue, it appears to have a decent set of iPad features.

The not-so-good news, especially for those who are print subscribers is:

— Existing print subscribers do not get any discount on the app / issues right now.

— There is no way as yet to get a subscription for the iPad edition.


Both of the above issues are likely due to Apple’s current restrictions on what newspaper and magazine publishers can do with their apps. Lots of recent reports suggest that Apple is deep in talks with publishers about handling of subscriptions and possibly working on yet another on-device store for newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Hopefully something will be worked out soon and we can finally start to see some lower pricing per issue on leading titles and / or some decent subscription options.

I’ll spend some time with The New Yorker Magazine for iPad soon and likely post a review over the next week or two.

You can find The New Yorker Magazine for iPad in the App Store now, and it’s a free app with in-app issue purchase at $4.99 per issue.

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