The New Yorker’s iPad Subscription, Readership Numbers Looking Good

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As The New York Times reported this weekend, things are looking good for The New Yorker’s iPad edition. Here are some of the numbers reported for The New Yorker Magazine for iPad:

— 100,000 iPad readers

— 20,000 subscribers at $59.99 per year.

— 75,000 who have taken up the magazine’s offer for print subscribers to download the app for free

— Several thousand more people buy single issues at $4.99 per week.

These are said to be the best numbers for any Condé Nast iPad edition – ahead of Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair and others.



Another sign of the iPad edition’s success is that it appears to be drawing a good number of quality advertisers – at least in the issues that I have looked at.

The New Yorker’s success on the iPad is also seen as proof that iPad users ‘just want to read’ on the device –as the magazine has very little by way of fancy multimedia or interactive bells and whistles.

I definitely agree that most users love to read on the iPad – but I also think The New Yorker’s success owes a lot to very good design. There may not be too many flashy interactive elements, but the typography and page layouts are superb in the app. Coupled with the magazine’s strong content, these make it a real pleasure to spend time reading its issues.

I know we have at least a few fans of The New Yorker here. What do you think of its iPad edition? Are you happy with its design and its subscription plans?

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2 thoughts on “The New Yorker’s iPad Subscription, Readership Numbers Looking Good”

  1. I’m an expat living in Africa and there is no other way to get things like this (unless I want to wait 6 weeks and utilize the diplomatic mail services – nope).

    I love it! And I wish more magazines would get on board. Of course, they do need to find a way to make downloads smaller but I’m content with things for the moment.

    1. Good to hear. And I definitely agree about the need for magazines to make issue downloads smaller.

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