The Pencil iPad Stylus Now Supported in Sketchbook Mobile

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sketchbook mobile and pencil stylus

Fifty Three announced yesterday that their Pencil stylus now works with the superb Sketchbook Mobile app for iPad. This allows a lot more flexibility for users of the Pencil stylus: the Paper app provides a great place for doodles and sketches, but Sketchbook Mobile takes it a step further by providing layer support for more complex images. I’ve written about the Pencil before and, even though I still don’t own one, I’m  glad to see more apps supporting the interesting hardware that Fifty Three has put together.

However, what I found even more interesting is that we’re almost at the one-year mark of the Pencil’s announcement last November, and Fifty Three is still actively promoting their first-gen hardware. A lot of other companies would have been marketing their second-gen stylus for a few months now, in anticipation of a big Holiday release. It’s unorthodox and actually quite welcome to see that FiftyThree sees their stylus as a device that can and should stick around for more than a year.


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