The Saturday Evening Post Now Has a (Crappy) iPad Edition

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The Saturday Evening Post iPad edition

The Saturday Evening Post has recently launched an iPad edition, which is available on Newsstand now. Touted as ‘the trusted voice of American culture’ the magazine has a rich history – and was well-known years ago in part for its Norman Rockwell cover illustrations.

I have to admit I didn’t realize The Saturday Evening Post was still being published until I saw news of its iPad version. I very rarely visit real-life newsstands these days, so that’s my excuse for not realizing this title was still around.

Here’s a bit of the App Store intro for The Saturday Evening Post iPad edition:

The Saturday Evening Post reports on the who, what, and why of today with a nod to the past and an eye on the future. The trusted voice of American culture is now available with bonus content and enhanced features including hot links, audio and video highlights, easy browsing capabilities, personalization settings, multiple viewing options, search and zoom capabilities, and much more.
Each issue delivers in-depth, unbiased articles covering today’s most relevant issues. Discover proven health advice; money- and time-saving ideas; and delicious, healthy recipes for your family. Then relax with inspiring success stories, iconic celebrity interviews, fiction from America’s top writers, plus humor, cartoons, and art you can only find in the Post.

The app is free but you need to buy individual issues of the magazine or sign up for a subscription. Issues cost $3.99 and subscription options are as follows:

• Single issue subscription for $1.99, automatically renewed until cancelled
• 1 year (6 issues) subscription available for $9.99, automatically renewed until cancelled

Saturday Evening Post for iPad page

I bought the May / June issue to take a look at what this venerable old title looks like on the iPad. Sadly, it looks terrible – as it seems to be yet another title that made an ‘iPad edition’ that looks no better (maybe a little worse) than a thrown-together PDF copy of the print issue.

Text on the magazine’s portrait pages is tiny, borderline unreadable – and of you double-tap to zoom it, then you need to do a silly amount of horizontal scrolling just to read a paragraph. In landscape, there’s no borderline about it – the text size is just ridiculous. Here’s an example:

Tiny Text

Whenever I see one of these so-called iPad editions that look like badly done PDF documents I just feel like asking the publisher ‘Why did you bother?’. This isn’t an iPad magazine and I certainly won’t be buying any further issues of it.

Here’s an App Store link for The Saturday Evening Post; I can’t think of any reason you’d want to get it other than pure nostalgia for long-time fans of the title.

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  1. I guess it may be different for magazines and Newstand, but if someone claims they make an iPad edition for a book and it’s not in ePub format, I don’t consider it an iPad version. Taking a computer designed PDF and putting it in iBooks or another PDF Reader does not make it an ‘iPad Version’ at all.

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