The Winston Show: An Interactive TV Show and App Created Exclusively for the iPad

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The New York Times’ Molly Wood has a great article up on an iPad exclusive app called The Winston Show – which she describes as the interactive future of tablet-based television.

The Winston Show is an example of the innovative new content types that are possible when a TV is also a hand-held computer. It’s an iPad-only production, available as a free app, that is now in its second four-episode “season.” …

As youngsters watch the show, the characters ask them questions; when they respond, the app uses speech recognition to interpret their answers, which then help drive the story line of each episode. The shows even use the front-facing camera to engage children in, say, trying on a character-appropriate hat.

The Winston Show looks like great fun for kids in its target audience (ages 6-8) and is another great example of the sort of unique app that creators and developers seem inspired to bring to the iPad first.

Here’s an App Store link for The Winston Show; it’s a free app.

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