There’s Already an iPad Apps Best Sellers List

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iPad Best Sellers list

Apple has begun putting together the iPad-specific App Store in anticipation of the upcoming iPad launch. iPad-only Apps have begun to be approved and organized. MacRumors has managed to access the iPad’s best seller lists which reveal several of the iPad App Store launch titles. The lists show several dozen applications with release dates as far back as March 19th.

The fact that the iPad-specific applications are ranked suggests that the applications are being downloaded/purchased at least on a limited basis, despite the lack of iPad availability for the general public. A report yesterday indicated that a number of these iPad-specific applications had temporarily appeared in Apple’s web-based ‘iTunes Preview’ App Store listing.

That’s from a MacRumors report earlier today. Some very familiar names on that list – in fact at least a couple that I’m pretty sure were present in the Day 1 iPhone App Store and now look to be early leaders in the Day 1 iPad App Store.

According to MacRumors, prices so far found for iPad apps range from free to $9.99 ‘for the most part‘ – although they’ve also spotted at least one $14.99 app.

The report stresses that prices and app descriptions may well not be final as yet, since devs can make adjustments to these at any time.

Talk about excitement building – seeing this list and seeing more news about upcoming apps every day, has really getting me amped up. :)

Via: MacRumors

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