Things 2.5 for iPad Gets Flattened

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things 2.5 for ipad

Things for iPad is the final app in the Things suite of GTD apps to be flattened and re-designed for the more modern look of iOS 8, and it was definitely worth the wait. The app is even more gorgeous than it was before, and the subtle animations really pop. Things 2.5 does more than just freshen up the visuals though:

  • modern swiping gestures have been brought to Things for iPad, so you can now swipe along the left edge of the screen to bring up the sidebar in Portrait mode
  • background syncing is now active (although I have yet to confirm how well it works)
  • Handoff is now supported, so you can start viewing Things tasks on your iPhone, and then load up the same view on the iPad
  • Things’ share extension now also works on the iPad, allowing quick task creation in an incredibly attractive share window

Things has long been a top-tier task manager, and it’s also worth noting that it has the very best syncing engine of any task app I’ve ever used. It took a while to develop, but Things Cloud Sync is absolutely lightning fast and wonderfully reliable.

The only thing I’d really want from Things — and which keeps me from trying it again full-time — is the lack of any sort of notification system. Things is the kind of task manager that you have to keep checking, because there isn’t any built-in mechanism to remind you of due tasks (which is an area where Things’ most direct competitor, OmniFocus, really has them beat).

If you’re interested in Things 2.5 for iPad, it’s $20 on the App Store.


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