Things 2 Released – Finally Offers Cloud Sync

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Things 2

Cultured Code have released Things 2.0 today – a major update to their excellent Things task management app.

Things 2.0 is an update for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac versions of the app – and is a free update for current users. Here are the notable changes in Things for iPad:

★ Introducing Things Cloud. Your to-dos on all your devices. Never worry about syncing again. Things Cloud stores your to-dos and automatically keeps them up-to-date on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Just go to Things’ Settings and turn on Things Cloud.
★ The all-new Daily Review helps you stay on top of your day. See everything that needs your attention at a glance. To-dos that are due or scheduled for today appear automatically at the top of your Today list. Easily review them and make a decision. Pick the ones to start today and postpone the rest until later.
★ A revolutionary scrolling Date Picker makes selecting dates more natural than ever. Instead of splitting the calendar into months, the scrolling date picker combines them into a continuous stream. So the next few weeks are always just one tap away – and everything beyond, just a scroll.
★ And much more:
• Cancel To-Dos. If you decide not to complete a to-do, tap and hold its checkbox.
• Log Immediately. To-dos can now be moved to the Logbook automatically as soon as you complete them.
• Projects in Today. Add whole projects to Today instead of just single to-dos.
• First Day of the Week. Choose the first day of your week independently of your device’s default setting.
• Accessibility. Much improved accessibility when using VoiceOver.
• New Engine. A re-engineered core for a blazingly fast Things Cloud performance.

The biggest change of all is the addition of cloud sync of course. This feature has been long awaited by users of Things. In fact, many of us think it is long overdue and perhaps too little, too late. I used to be a huge fan of Things but ended up switching to OmniFocus over a year ago. I plan to take a look at the new version of Things but I very much doubt I’ll switch back. I say that partly because I’m very happy with OmniFocus and have invested a lot of time in getting it working just the way I like, and also because I just don’t trust Things’ developers to bring out important features in a timely manner.

What do you all think of Things 2.0? I know we have a good number of Things users or past Things users here.

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