Things Cloud Beta Goes Public

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Things Cloud Beta

As of today the Things Cloud beta is public, no invite required. This is the beta that is testing out cloud sync (or over-the-air sync) for the excellent Things task management app for iOS and Mac.

This is the one essential feature that’s been missing from Things for (in my view) far too long; so long that it caused me to switch over to OmniFocus. As a big fan of Things, I’m very happy to see that there is finally some real progress being made in their efforts to implement cloud sync. The developers had been allowing more and more users into the beta process over recent months, and they’ve been getting very positive feedback on the latest stages of the beta.

We’ve had incredible feedback from our users, telling us that Things Cloud is proving to be both fast and stable. Some of our users have adopted the beta entirely and created exceptionally large databases.

I’ve heard similar reports from my one friend who has been using the private beta for some time.

And here’s where they’re currently heading with the (now public) beta process:

Our next milestone is to enable the import of existing databases into the beta. Until then the beta continues to use an extra database, leaving users’ existing data untouched … In the coming weeks we are going to work out some kinks and performance bottlenecks related to such large databases. This is an important final step towards enabling the import of existing data. Once the import feature is ready, we’ll post another update.

This is the first time that it’s beginning to feel to me like this feature really is coming in the not-too-distant future, and that it’s going to work well.

If you’d like to join the Things beta, check out the developers’ blog post on it, with download links:

Start using Things Cloud beta

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6 thoughts on “Things Cloud Beta Goes Public”

  1. I agree with you on that – the Things team waited way too long to bring sync to their app.

    This opened the door wide for their competitors to gain an edge.

    I moved to Omnifocus long ago – and have tried several simpler apps along the way.

    Will I try the Things Cloud beta? I don’t know, my loyalty has wavered.

  2. After purchasing 3 separate apps in the things suite I dropped them all and went to wunderlist. It’s 90% as slick as things but has offered wireless sync for a long time now. Things cloud sync? Too little too late for me sorry CC

  3. Been using Omnifocus for iPad and Mac for over a year. Love the iPad version, but not a fan of the Mac version at all.

    Love Things for Mac. Decided to try Things for iPad since sync is available. Seems pretty good, but I cannot find the teammate/people feature on the iPad like the desktop has. Really wish this feature was available.

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