Things Cloud Sync Beta Has Started

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Cultured Code has kicked off their beta testing program for cloud sync for their Things task management app. They’ve started the beta testing on schedule with a small group of testers that will be expanded as the testing moves forward.

That’s the good news, that beta testing has begun. Here’s the not-so-good news:

— The current round of beta testing includes only Macs, no iOS devices at all.

— There’s no timeframe announced for how long testing will take.

— There’s no decision yet as to whether the cloud sync service may be charged for or not.

I love Things as a task management app, and it’s been one of my most used apps on the Mac and on iOS for ages – but its current WiFi sync is getting worse all the time, and Cultured Code have taken so long to address this cloud sync issue, and there’s still no end line in sight and no clear answer on whether it will be charged for. It’s becoming harder and harder to stay with Things. I now find myself looking closely at every tasks app that gets an update and adds features.

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4 thoughts on “Things Cloud Sync Beta Has Started”

  1. I stopped using Things ages ago because of this very issue.

    It really shouldn’t have taken so long.

    Instead I use OmniFocus – the iPad app is excellent.

    I think that Wunderlist is a good free alternative as well.

    1. I think a lot of users would feel the same. I would give their pricing a look, but I really hope they do not decide to charge.

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