Things Cloud Sync Can’t Come Quick Enough – WiFi Sync Just Gets Worse and Worse

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The screenshot above is one I’ve got to know quite well over recent months. Far more than I would have liked to. It’s a status / error message from the Things task management app on my MacBook pro, concluding with

Waiting for Things on your mobile device …

The thing is I see this message when the mobile device in question, my iPad, is roughly 10 feet away from my MacBook (or less). The iPad is on, the Things app is open – so my rather obvious question is WTF is Things on the Mac waiting for?

Of course that’s just a rhetorical question. I’ve learned by now that the issue is generally resolved by closing out Things on the iPad, closing and restarting Things on the Mac, or some combination of these. If this happened once in a great while, no biggie; but when it happens several times per week, as it does for me, it is more than a little bit of a pain in the arse.

I’ve spoken to someone at Things / Cultured Code about this in the past and they suggested that it must be a problem with my wireless router. That is possible, but I find it highly unlikely – as the issue has persisted over enough months to include a time when I used a NetGear router and now an Airport Extreme I’ve had for several months. And none of my other apps that make use of local WiFi connections, or sync between Mac and devices, have had any issues at all.

So my thought is that this is just Things sync getting its knickers in a twist, annoyingly often.

I love Things. It’s one of my most used apps. But the lack of cloud sync has been a sore point for a long, long time now – and now that WiFi sync frankly sucks in terms of performance, it is adding insult to injury. It’s a great app – but the developers seriously need to figure sync out very soon.

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6 thoughts on “Things Cloud Sync Can’t Come Quick Enough – WiFi Sync Just Gets Worse and Worse”

  1. I’ve started to have the exact same issue over the last few weeks at home and work. It’s off either an Airport or Linksys, doesn’t seem to matter. They need to step up their game and NOT charge extra, like they’ve alluded to possibly doing…

  2. How long have we been waiting for cloud sync for Things? 2 or 3 years! While they have blogged about developing some solution, we still don’t know when it will actually be available, how much it will cost, and how reliable it will be.

    While other developers have developed solutions using DropBox, MobileMe, etc., Cultured Code has spent years developing it’s own custom solution that may or may not hold up with thousands of users.

    Earlier this month I finally bit the bullet and just went back to OmniFocus. While the OmniFocus apps are expensive, they work very well. The iPad app is what finally sealed the deal for me.

    Maybe Cultured Code will get it’s act together and develop a working solution that has no additional cost in a very timely manner. But I think it is definitely going to cost, and we still have no idea when it will be available and whether or not it will work reliably.

    I’m just tired of waiting and WiFi sync was never a good solution.

    1. I have to admit, over recent weeks I have started looking at other apps to potentially replace Things. So far I can’t make myself switch, but I am getting closer and closer.

  3. You can actually sync (wifi-less) do something about it if you own a Mac.
    1. From your Mac create a network.
    2. From your iPad / iPhone device connect to your created wifi
    3. Restart Things on your mobile device.

    And, voilà! Let Things do the rest…

    (Hope it was helpful to y’all)

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