Things for iPad Updated, Still No Cloud Sync Of Course

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Things for iPad – one of the best and certainly best designed task management apps for the iPad – has been updated again this week, to Version 1.5.1.

As you can see from the screencap above, it’s a very minor update – and of course what is still not added is the app’s long-promised cloud sync capability. You know, the one that has been listed with a status of ‘Full Speed’ forever at the top of the developers’ status page for their projects.


The feature that the developers said this about in a blog post:

The final release of cloud sync as part of Things is still off by a few months.

That blog post was published in December of 2010. Boy am I glad I switched to OmniFocus earlier this year. I keep thinking I just won’t mention Things anymore, but each time I see an update to the app, and it never includes cloud sync, it just reminds me of how ridiculous the approach of Cultured Code (the developers of Things) on this feature now seems.

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3 thoughts on “Things for iPad Updated, Still No Cloud Sync Of Course”

  1. But isn’t Omnifocus mega expensive. Especially for what it is. Cannot understand why anybody buys unless they get on business expense.

    1. OmniFocus is pricy for sure, but I don’t know what you mean by ‘for what it is’. For me, what it is is an absolutely superb and powerful task management app. I’m not a big calendar user so I run my life and work through close management of tasks and OmniFocus helps me every day to be more productive. So it’s well worth the cost for me. For others, there may well be less expensive, simpler solutions.

    2. OmniFocus just works! The ability to sync between my iPhone, iPad & MacBook Pro in a seamless way is a must have feature that Things has talked about for more than a year, but still has failed to deliver. OmniFocus also offers a great deal of functionality that Things does not. The Forecast view on the iPad & iPhone is a killer feature that makes OmniFocus a must have. While it does cost more than Things ($79.99 for Mac, $19.99 each for iPad and iPhone), the productivity that it provides more than makes up for it.

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