This Could Be My Holy Grail of iPad Apps

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Today I got a Twitter follow message for an account tied to an upcoming iPad app called Blogsy. There are no real details to speak of about the app as yet – so why the heck am I so excited about it?

Well, I’ll admit I’m more than a bit desperate by now for a good blogging app for the iPad. I’ve written about this more than once – here’s just one example – because it frustrates me immensely. I believe the iPad itself is more than capable of being a great tool for blogging from. The device itself is near perfectly suited for the job; the only thing holding it back is the lack of a great app for the purpose.

So … when I see a teaser page that includes this line I get very interested, and excited:

Great blogging on an iPad won’t be a drag anymore

To which I say – bring it on. Please, please, bring it on. Like yesterday. OK, so I guess I’m all setup for potentially massive disappointment. Comon Blogsy devs – get that baby in the App Store and lets see what it’s got. Actually, it does sound like it should be coming quite soon:

Blogsy iPad App (blogsyapp) on Twitter

If you’re anywhere even close to as interested as I am in this app, you can follow its progress a bit via their Twitter account, @blogsyapp.

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2 thoughts on “This Could Be My Holy Grail of iPad Apps”

  1. Looks promising…so there’s hope. Let’s hope it doesn’t take until Episode IV for the full hope to become realized!

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