Time Warner Cable Shows How Not to Do an iPad App

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Time Warner Cable's iPad app

From the department of Failed iPad Apps:

TWCable TV is an iPad from Time Warner that allows TWC subscribers to live stream TWC TV programs within their homes. Or I should say that’s what it did until the latest update to the app four days ago. Now it does nothing at all, as the update has rendered the app completely unusable.

The app has been wrecked for at least four days now – and there is no help available from TWC. I’ve tried their live chat support (linked to in the App Store), been told the issue was escalated and there would be information / a response within 24-48 hours. That was 72 hours ago and I’ve heard nothing. Today I called their support number and found they don’t have a clue about this issue and they suggested I go back to live chat support. They were very near impossible to get any sort of straight answer out of, but eventually admitted that there is no news and no update on this, and said they were ‘re-escalating’ because the previously promised escalation never happened.

The App Store page for TWCable TV is full of one-star ratings for the app – with many users saying the last update made the app unusable. Yet after four days there is no word at all from Time Warner Cable on this. If this were an app from a little two or thee person developer, this would be lame and a real knock on the app for lack of support. With a huge company like TWC behind the app, it’s just ridiculous to see the lack of response and support.

Oh, and the app is also now denying access to jailbroken devices:


And judging by the App Store reviews, it is falsely identifying many users’ iPads as being jailbroken, and denying them access as well.

Great job Time Warner, way to embrace the new world of mobile apps. Any app with this sort of lack of support is a complete failure.

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