Time Warner Cable TV App’s Latest Update: Lame, Disappointing

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TWC TV iPad app

Time Warner Cable’s TWC TV app for the iPad and iPhone was updated last week, to Version 3.2.0. Just for a bit of background, the TWC TV app has always been quite limited – allowing TWC subscribers to watch channels allowed in their plan within their own WiFi network. So in your own house, where you likely have a big TV or two, you can watch TWC on your iDevice.

Last week’s update was touted by some sites as opening up the app to allow you to watch live streams of TWC content outside the house and over a cellular connection. Here’s the actual change list for this update:

– Access selected On Demand programming and live TV channels while away from home
– Filter the live TV mini-guide by category
– Sort the live TV mini-guide alphabetically by network or show title
– Bug fixes and performance enhancements

The key word there is selected (which I’ve bolded for them) – which in this case means more like severely limited. I have a TWC Extended Basic plan, which provides access to around 70+ channels. In the updated TWC TV app I can access THREE of them over a cellular connection. If I try to view any of the others, I get the message shown above, which reads:

We see you’re on cellular

This channel is not available outside of your home. Please explore other On Demand content and live TV available while you are out of home on cellular, exclusively for Verizon customers.

I’m a Verizon customer, trying the app from an iPad with a solid, powerful LTE connection.

I also took a look at the On Demand section of the TWC TV app while on a cellular connection. It showed all of 12 movies, with 8 of them showing as locked. When I tapped on any of those locked ones there was a popup prompt to contact TWC via a toll-free number. No ability to purchase an on-demand movie at all. Just for grins, I called the toll-free number and asked about only seeing 3 TV channels available for live viewing over cellular.

TWC TV On Demand

The agent I spoke to had to confer with the TWC Networking team, a supervisor, and an Application team before he could provide useful information on this subject. When he was able to, here’s the gist of what he shared with me:

— They’re aware of the 3 channel limit

— The update is really just a ‘beta test’ right now.

— In a few weeks they may add more channels.

That’s the sort of thing I would’ve appreciated seeing in the update change log text.

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  1. I suppose if the dang app actually worked I might be happy, but no matter what, it won’t… so I’d say he’s right on with his comments, rather than whiny…

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