TNT and TBS TV Network iPad Apps Don’t Include Access for Time Warner Cable Users

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The TNT and TBS TV networks have both recently brought out free iPad apps, and both offer free access to full episodes of many of their most popular series’ and movies.

Good stuff, unless you’re a Time Warner Cable user that is. In order to be able to view full episodes you have to login via your account with a cable company – and as you can see in the screenshot above TWC is not among the choices.

There’s an empty slot at the bottom right of the login choices popover, so hopefully TWC will be added in an update soon.

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4 thoughts on “TNT and TBS TV Network iPad Apps Don’t Include Access for Time Warner Cable Users”

  1. This is very annoying that Time Warner does not support the TBS, TNT, or HBO Go apps. I don’t understand what the problem is.

  2. It makes me very anfry that not only in the app but also online, if you do not have a cable company, you cant watch any of their shows. Every other tv company puts their programs inline for free somewhere after so many days after original air date, be it hulu or netflix or even the company site itself, but NOT TNT. It makes me very angry as I was watching turner shows in Atlanta when is was channel 17, a local broadcast station. And there is no excuse for t because they make their cost of programming the advertising, which can and do put ads in online content on every other tv station. I live in the Black Hills Natl Forest and have no cable. I have internet thru my cell phone provider verizon but not cable so I cant watch any of their shows and wrote a letter of complaint. Its just that don’t care about their viewers at all. It is flatout corporate greed runamuck, so I am done with TNT until they become part of this decade and perform as consumer friendly as the other companies do who put their content online after a week or two. They are losing customers and online ad revenue through this policy and everyone who has no access to a cable company and other rural viewers like me should also write to them. Its bad corporate policy and bad press, and shame on them for being so greedy!

  3. Very typical of Time Warner. Everyone I talk to is SO nice – annoyingly so and absolutely nothing get’s resolved. They assure me the TNT app will be offered in some hazy and nebulous “future,” but I’ll be on Grande long before then. And how about that “Time Warner app?” You have to be on your home network to use it. I guess it doe not occur to them that you could pick up the remote and turn on the TV! Time Warner is useless.

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