Todoist iPad App Updated: Pull Down Search & More

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Todoist iPad app

The excellent Todoist task management app for iPad got an update over this past weekend – to Version 8.1.

Two notable new features in this update are pull down to search and an Undo action when you complete or postpone an item.

The pull down to search takes just a very light scroll down gesture to show a search bar at the top of the main tasks area. As soon as you to begin typing a search keyword you’ll see tabs to search the current project you’re in or to search all tasks.

The Undo ability on complete and postpone actions is a welcome addition – though I think it could be implemented better. As it is now, once you tap to complete or postpone an item a Tap to Undo button will appear at the bottom of the tasks view you’re working in. Two things are less than ideal about this: it’s not as immediately easy to spot that button, due to its location (it’s much easier when it’s right next to where the original action took place, as in Gmail) and the Undo button only stays around for about 3 seconds. Hopefully this will get refined in a future update.

Here’s the short change list for this latest update for Todoist for iPad:

– Pull down to Search!
– Ability to undo complete and postpone
– Big bug fixes of filters and date parser
– A lot of other bug fixes and performance improvements

I did a review of Todoist for iPad last summer, I loved it then and it remains a favorite and most-used app for me on the iPad and all my devices:

Todoist is simply the best to-do app I’ve seen – for me the perfect blend of the best features and capabilities of all those other apps I’ve used before.

Here’s an App Store link for Todoist; it’s a free app and a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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