Todoist Next: Awesome Update to an Already Great Task Management Update

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Todoist iPad app

I very rarely use the word ‘awesome’ here – especially in post titles – but in this case I just couldn’t resist. Todoist is an outstanding task management app for the iPad and across many other platforms. Its latest update, issued yesterday, brings powerful new collaboration and sharing features, clever new visual scheduling, and lots more.

I rely on this favorite app every day of the week to manage my work-related and personal tasks. Check out my review of Todoist for plenty of detail on why this is such an excellent task management solution.

These are some of the most notable new features in this latest update to Todoist:

— Collaboration: You can invite anyone to collaborate on tasks and projects. In this case anyone is an appropriate word – because Todoist works great in a browser and has excellent apps on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Collaboration includes the ability to assign tasks, comment on tasks, and get instant updates.

Todoist Visual Scheduling

— Visual Scheduling: A very nice interface addition that makes it easy to plan your days.

— More Scheduling Options – you can now easily bump a task to next week or set a specific time of day for it.

Todoist was already a more than stellar app, and one of our top picks among the Best iPad Apps of 2013. With the new collaboration features it becomes an even more powerful solution for individuals and teams of people.

** As a freemium user, you can invite 5 people to a project for a total of 6 people. As a Premium user, you will be able to invite 25 to a project (meaning a total of 26 people).

Here’s an App Store link for Todoist; it’s a free app with an In-App purchase option to upgrade to a Premium account for $29.

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