TripAdvisor for iPad Updated – Lovely Redesigned Main Screen

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TripAdvisor for iPad

TripAdvisor, the superb travel guide and planner app for iPad and iPhone, has had a recent update, to Version 6.5.

The most notable thing about this update is a beautiful refresh of the app’s home screen and a simplified UI that is elegant and effective. Here’s the change list for this new version:

– A redesigned home screen for iPad users featuring a new way to navigate through the app, set against a backdrop of five breathtaking destinations from around the world.
– Our new Point Me There! feature for iPhone app users shows your distance from a selected destination and gives you directions to get there.
– iPad app users can now upload photos via the Photos tab for hotels, restaurants and attractions.
– Minor bug fixes.

The 5 home screen backdrop images really are stunning, and hopefully more will be added, or these will be rotated, soon – so that there are even more to choose from.

The interface now features a ticker top navigation bar and large popovers for all the app’s main sections (Hotels, Restaurants, Flights etc).

TripAdvisor was a recent pick for Best Free iPad App of the Week, and this latest update just made it even better.

Here’s an App Store link for TripAdvisor; it’s still a free app and is a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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  1. You say that the TripAdvisor ipad app allows you to upload photos to the reviews. There’s a glitch there. If there is already a photo uploaded, you can add yours. If not, the tap does not appear so you can’t upload anything.

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