Trying Out Byword For My iPad Blogging

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I recently bought the In-app purchase within Byword to try and blog straight from the app. Up until now, my workflow has been to write in Byword or Writer Pro, copy the html into the WordPress app, and then add screenshots processed by the Screenshot app before publishing.

Byword’s most recent update claims it can cut out one of the middle men by allowing me to publish to WordPress and add pictures straight from the app. I tried it out quickly today with this post and am quite impressed with how simple and easy it turned out to be. It’s definitely buggy on the iOS 8 beta, but this seems like a great workable solution for blogging from the iPad, without feeling like I’m using all sorts of workarounds.

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4 thoughts on “Trying Out Byword For My iPad Blogging”

    1. I have, but found it a little clunky after a while. I still keep it around but prefer to just write in Markdown and just add images after-the-fact.

    1. Byword lets me write in Markdown and then export that into HTML with the images. WordPress can only do HTML, and I don’t like keeping drafts in the app. I’d prefer to have them in a text editing.

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