Tumbleroo – First iPad App for Tumblr

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Tumbleroo iPad Tumblr app

The iPad was virtually built for browsing Tumblr, and Tumbleroo is the first iPad app for Tumblr. Tumbleroo brings a native feel to your Tumblr adventures that you’ll love. Big colorful photos, full-screen videos, and all the liking and reblogging you can handle.

That’s the opening slice of the App Store description for Tumbleroo. As you can see, they’re claiming to be the first Tumblr app for the iPad.  I can’t recall seeing another one, but then again I haven’t been looking for one either – so jump in the comments if you have spotted another one.

Here are some of the app’s key features:

** Full Dashboard **
Following your favorite blogs is what makes Tumblr so great. With Tumbleroo, your dashboard comes to life on the iPad with text, link, chat, question, photo, audio and video post support. A built-in browser let’s you explore links outside the dashboard.

** Liking and Reblogging **
Share the love by liking or reblogging posts from your dashboard with a single tap, or reblog posts and add your own comments while maintaing full attribution to the original posters. Tumbleroo also lets you email posts and browse a list of all your liked posts.

** Create Posts **
Tumbleroo lets you easily create your own text, link, quote, photo, audio and video posts. Simply tap to add a new post, paste a link to the source material, and write your comment.

** Advanced Features **
Have several blogs? Choose which one to post to and at what time. Post to and browse your queue, create private posts, and choose whether or not to send your posts to Twitter.

I have played around a little with Tumblr, but never got into it much – so this one’s not for me.  If you’re an iPad owner and a Tumblr user, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this app if you try it out.

You can find Tumbleroo in the App Store now, priced at $4.99.

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