Tweed for iPad – Interesting New App for Making Twitter More Like a News Feed

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Tweed is a new Twitter app for the iPad that’s got a unique approach – it’s just for reading links and effectively using Twitter as your news feed. Here’s a little slice of its App Store intro:

Read your favorite news, opinion and blog sites and sites recommended by people you follow on Twitter. Even if you don’t use Twitter, you can enjoy timely news and opinion articles from our Suggested feed of noteworthy sources.

I tried it out last night, and I think it’s quite an interesting and promising app. Twitter is very often the best place to spot all the freshest breaking news, whether it’s about a war, a natural disaster, or just some exciting technology news. Tweed makes it easier to use Twitter to just follow news. It’s definitely not a replacement for your favorite Twitter app, but it’s very useful for those of us who see Twitter as a great news resource.


A few things that I like about the app:

— It’s got a good inline browser.

— The UI is simple and intuitive – everywhere it feels like you should just be able to swipe to get rid of a screen element, you can.

— It lets you toggle between full content and Text Only view of articles with a single tap.

— It’s got Instapaper support.

— It’s got a section devoted to ‘Long Reads’. Good call.

What Needs Improvement:

— It’s got a very sparse set of sources at the moment in most of its categories. The Apple News section, for instance, is nearly all from just two sites – TUAW and MacNN.  The World Opinion section is almost all from Slate.

My overall first impression of Tweed is very positive. It’s a nice looking mashup of Twitter and RSS and it already feels like an app I’ll use a lot. If it expands the range of sources in suggested sections it will be even better.

Here’s an App Store link for Tweed; it’s priced at $2.99.

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