Twitter App To Offer Push Notifications Soon

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Twitter app push notifications

MG Siegler at TechCrunch, talking about the official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad:

But the one thing it has been lacking and that users knock it for is the lack of Push Notifications. Well, good news. They’re coming. Soon.

Ha.  We were just discussing this in the comments on my post with first impressions of Twitter for iPad.  My feeling was that there are already enough good 3rd party solutions providing notifications for Twitter (e.g Boxcar) – but I know many users prefer to have the feature included in their favorite Twitter app.

So this should be good news for lots of fans of the Twitter app on the iPhone and iPad.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter App To Offer Push Notifications Soon”

  1. I noticed that as well when I installed it, the icon in the notification section on the iPhone also looks like the one on the iPad. I wonder if they are going to change the icon color for the iPhone app.

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