Twitterrific for iPad Startup Error – Everyone Seeing This?

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Twitterrific for iPad startup error

Every time I launch Twitterrific for iPad I see the same error – the one shown above saying ‘Twitter API Error – The Twitter servers are currently unavailable. Please try again later.’

It’s a rogue error though.  I can jump to Tweetie on my iPhone or Mac, or Twitter via a browser, and see no connection issues.  Twitterrific itself also connects just fine of I hit the Refresh button on the main timeline immediately after OKing the error.  So, this is not a huge deal – but it’s annoying and obvously a major slow-down in seeing what’s new.

Anyone else seeing this?  I had a quick browse of App Store reviews but did not see this mentioned. 

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20 thoughts on “Twitterrific for iPad Startup Error – Everyone Seeing This?”

  1. I'm seeing this from time to time when I go to my lists. The app also crashes when I do some various searches.

  2. Also, is there a quick way to get to the top of tweets when it is refreshed? The iPhone app does this.

    1. Sure – just a quick tap on the iPad's status bar (very top of the screen) – just like in Safari and nearly all iPhone / iPad apps.

  3. This error most likely isn't Twitterrific, but an OS bug that tends to drop WiFi connections when it comes back from first being slept. Because there is no internet connection initially, Twitterrific reports it as an API error. A second refresh usually makes the error go away because the iPad has once again picked up the WiFi signal.

    Next time you wake your ipad, try surfing the web before launching Twitterrific and see if you still get this error. I'm willing to bet you won't.

    1. No, I really don't think so. Touch wood, I have had zero WiFi issues with the iPad. I have seen this occur within a same session where I have used RSS readers that need a good WiFi connection, the We Rule game, which connects outwards, Safari, email etc. No other apps have shown any connectivity bumps at all.

        1. I have read that, and posted about it here a few days back:
          The thing is that issue affects *some* iPads, not all by any means. My iPad has shown zero symptoms of that issue, ever, so far.
          And again, as I've said above, Twitterrific pops that error for me even while all other 'connected' apps are connecting without a blip.

    2. Just wanted to point out that this happens on the 3G version with Wifi turned off, so it has absolutely nothing to do with WiFi whatsoever. No other apps show this problem, even Echofon on the same iPad. it is ONLY Twitterific.

  4. So that's at least three other users seeing the same on 3G and WiFi iPads. Interesting how the guy from Twitterrific took time to say "It's not us, it's the iPad", but has no response to increasing evidence that it is just this app.

  5. So that's at least three other users seeing the same on 3G and WiFi iPads. Interesting how the guy from Twitterrific took time to say "It's not us, it's the iPad", but has no response to increasing evidence that it is just this app.

    1. Not sure if this helps, but I had the same api error when I would sign in with my email address instead of my twitter username. After signing in with my regular username, everything worked brilliantly.

      1. I'm not sure I follow what you're saying. I've never attempted to sign in to a Twitter account in ny app with an email address, Also, Twitterrific, like all Twitter apps I know of, takes your account credentials the first time you launch it – and you never need to enter them again unless they change.

  6. There are undoubtedly some API errors on wake that are being caused by the Wifi bug I linked to earlier. I know this because we’ve been working with the engineers at Apple to find a cause and they’ve identified the root of the problem.

    Other API errors may be due to something internal to Twitterrific, and indeed we attempted a work around in 1.1 which has *has* helped some users. Users who were reporting these same API errors on wake with 1.0.1 now no longer report it.

    Obviously some users, like yourself still do so pinning down 100% of the causes of this problem isn’t going to be easy. I’d ask if you’ve noticed a drop in the number of occurrences of these errors since updating to 1.1 or are they still as frequent as they were before?


    1. Glad to see you're acknowledging this now, rather than just blaming the iPad WiFi issues. As for your question, I can't answer that yet as I haven't used the app enough since the update to tell. I will reply again after a day or two when I've been in and out of it more times.

  7. Even with Twitter (common app), Echofon and Twitterrific twitter doesn’t work around for 45 minutes. It is so annoying and my iPad is 3g too.

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