Two Great iPad Photo Apps Updated: PhotoToaster and TitleFx

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TitleFx iPad app

Two of my favorite Photos apps for the iPad were updated this week – TitleFx and PhotoToaster, both by East Coast Pixels.

TitleFx helps to make a statement with your photos by adding text and some great text effects. I did a review of TitleFx last December and I was already a big fan. Of course I used it to add text to the images in this post. It was updated to Version 2.0 this week. Here are the notable changes in this update:

We’ve added a transparency control, which is great for creating creative text layouts but also for watermarking.
There’s a crop editor, so you can crop square for Instagram or just crop to improve a photo.
You can save your own default starting state, which is perfect for water marking or saving a preferred layout.
We added a second set of 24 new fonts and some new FX.
There have also been a bunch of performance improvements and a few bug fixes.

PhotoToaster iPad app

PhotoToaster is an even bigger favorite for me, and easily my most used photo effects app on the iPad. It has some good basic photo editing tools, a superb range of effects, and an interface that’s a joy to use.

This week PhotoToaster was updated to Version 5.0. Here’s the full list of changes in 5.0:

We’ve added an FX brush that allows you to brush in areas of color or focus. This is incredibly powerful when coupled with the Toaster editing environment. You might think of it as a mini-app within the app.
We added brightness and blur adjustments. These are particularly useful when softening up an image as a background for titling. And titling is more integrated with a direct link to our awesome TitleFx app, as an export option.
The Toaster also hit the gym for the new year. Everything is now noticeably faster. Opening the editor, picking presets, making adjustments and saving to the album, are all improved.
The lighting brushes get an improved brushing algorithm for more control and some of the image adjustments get a quality upgrade.
Lastly, the borders/textures pack is now included for free! That’s 27 more beautiful borders and 12 more creative textures. We decided that customers should pay once and get everything included.

I’ve had chance to install the updates for both apps and the new features in both are very useful. I especially like the new brush onto areas feature in PhotoToaster and the new transparency control in TitleFx.


Both of these apps are universal, designed to run on both iPad and iPhone, and both were included in our list of the Best iPad Apps of 2012.

Here are App Store links for TitleFx and PhotoToaster.

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  1. I just purchased this APP on my IPad and am stuck on a black screen. Can’t figure out how to get ride of the black screen and have fun with my photos! Thanks!

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