Two Major Apps with Bugs on iPad

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I’ve noticed two major apps that have some big problems on the iPad, at least on my iPad anyway.  The two apps are Evernote and Things.

Evernote – this is a favorite app for me on the iPhone, the Mac, online, everywhere basically. It was one of the first few apps I installed (the iPad version) and it was looking very nice the first few times I used it.  I loved being able to add a new audio note from right within a text note for example.  The only problem is … after several uses the app began crashing back to the home screen each time I launched it.

A restart of the iPhone did not fix the issue.  A removal and reinstall of the app has made it work again so far, but I’ve only been in and out of it a handful of times.  Hoping it will remain stable from here on.

The issue I hit with Things – the superb to-do manager app – was with its iPhone ‘compatible’ version (the version that is meant to work with the iPhone, Touch, and iPad).  In this app, when I tried to add it as sync partner for my desktop app (so it will bring in my tasks etc) it repeatedly messed up the four digit sync code that needs to be entered to establish the sync partnership.  I exited both iPad and desktop apps several times and made sure both were on latest versions – but no change.  Each time I went to enter a sync code it would show the first number correctly, then put the second number in front of the first and end up with all four flipped into the wrong order.

I only wanted to give that version of Things a try for comparison sake as I fully intended to buy the full $19.99 Things for iPad version.  So I’ve just scrapped the ‘compatible’ Things version for now.  The full iPad version had no problems with the sync code and is working fine so far.

Are you all seeing any flaky apps so far?

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4 thoughts on “Two Major Apps with Bugs on iPad”

  1. Seeing this with many apps. Thinking it could be memory leak in the os. Pull in any ppt of size into keynote, same thing.

    1. Hmmm. I have seen one or two others have a one-time crash back to home screen – but Evernote is the only one that is failing to even launch with an immediate crash back to the home screen. And it is now doing it again even after a reinstall.

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