Two More iPad News Titles Coming Tomorrow: The Economist and ‘i’ from The Independent

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The Economist for iPad and iPhone

Tomorrow should see the launch of two new and notable newspaper / magazine titles for the iPad – The Economist for iPad and iPhone and ‘i’, a spinoff of the UK’s quality daily broadsheet The Independent.

The Economist has been a blue-chip title for many years and I’m very keen to see what they can bring to our iOS devices. I hope it’s a much (much!) better effort than their Intelligent Life Magazine for iPad – which is a pretty terrible iPad app, has been since launch, and has had zero updates since it was released to address any of its flaws.

I have never seen the ‘i’ title is one I’ve not seen before, but I was a fan of The Independent when I lived in London. Here’s a little more about it, via iPhoneFreak:

i’ is newspaper which promises to get straight to the point and in their words is ‘quality journalism for the time-poor, designed for the way that real people live today’.

The print edition costs 20p, and the iPad app will be priced at £1.79 for 10 issues or £2.99 for 20, plus subscribers will get five free copies on top of those issues to help generate interest and downloads. 

That’s around $2.87 for 10 issues and around $4.99 for 20. That seems pretty steep for a daily publication. Apple does make it tough by not allowing for proper subscription plans, but even so – that price doesn’t sound like a winner.

The Economist hasn’t offered pricing information for their app as yet, but they have good news for existing subscribers:

Full access to The Economist on iPhone and iPad will be free for current print or online subscribers.

I’m looking forward to seeing how these two titles shape up – and I’ll definitely be giving them both a look as soon as I can.

News Via: iPhoneFreak

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