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TypeDrawing app for iPad

TypeDrawing is one of those fun little apps that have somehow escaped my attention for a long while on the iPhone (where it’s been out for over a year, been an Apple Pick of the Week and ranked high up in US Paid Apps).  The new TypeDrawing for iPad did catch my eye last night, and I’m very glad it did.  Here’s its elevator pitch on its App Store page:

TypeDrawing is a really easy app to use, but it’s perfect for creating Typography art and watermarking photos. … Start by typing a sentence you want to say, and then just draw with your finger. This simple action leads you to make stunning typography arts and wallpapers.

Here’s a rundown of its key feautures:

– Type Text to draw
– Any languages Available (like Japanese, Chinese, Russian, …)
– Option of Always starting from the first letter when drawing

– 22 Font families (46 Fonts) Available
– Font Size from 5px to 300px
– Option of Varying font size by finger speed
(Draw faster to make bigger text, Draw slower to make smaller text)
– Tracking(letter-spacing) from 50% to 300%

– Color Swatches and beautiful Random colors
– Opacity from 5% to 100%
– Option of Shadow

– White and Black paper
– Import Photos as background

– Support for any device orientation
– Undo & Redo (10 levels)
– Save to Photo gallery and Email available

The app is not just easy to use, but also very good fun to use.  My daughter and I had fun with entering funny phrases and making our own silly efforts at typography art with the app – and of course there’s great mileage for messing around with your photo library.

Chief Deputy Editor Dawg 

You can find TypeDrawing for iPad in the App Store now, priced at $2.99.

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