Urbanspoon Now Has an iPad Version

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Urbanspoon for iPad

Urbanspoon – the popular restaurant search app on the iPhone – now has an iPad version.

Urbanspoon shows you a wide array of choices of all types of places to eat in your area (or you can choose from its broad list of cities) and offers details including reviews from critics and users. You can filter by price, neighborhood, or style of cuisine.  Oh, and of course one of its distinctive features is that you can spin to get a random selection to fit your criteria.

Here are a few more of its key features:

+ Explore thousands of restaurants at once
+ Zoom into your neighborhood on the map
+ Tap "spin" if you can’t decide
+ Filter by neighborhood, cuisine or price
+ Instantaneous search
+ Offline access – restaurant data is kept on your iPad
+ Compare restaurant picks with your friends
+ Ratings and reviews from newspapers, bloggers and fellow eaters


Urbanspoon iPad app

Urbanspoon has been a fixture on my iPhone for a long while.  I had the sized-up iPhone version on my iPad up until this morning, when I spotted the new iPad version.  Now I’ve got the shiny new iPad app in place and one less iPhone app.  I’ve only given the new app a quick try, but it looks good so far.  Obviously it now fits a lot more information on a single screen, and it also uses popovers well to show restaurant details within the map view. The only problem I spotted so far with the app is that I had troubles getting newspaper review links to work in a few places.

Cross off another iPhone favorite that now has a full iPad version.

You can find Urbanspoon for iPad in the App Store now, and it is a free app.

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