USA TODAY for iPad Gets Major 3.0 Update

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USA Today for iPad

USA TODAY for iPad has had a major update today, to Version 3.0.0. It’s a significant enough update for the change list to refer to it as ‘the new USA TODAY for iPad’.

The app’s UI has had a major overhaul in this new version. Here’s the details:

– Choose the way you want to view the news: scan the headlines with “List” view or lean back and enjoy the image-rich “Grid” view
– New sliding panel allows you quick access to your favorite features like weather, scores, markets and puzzles
– Save your stories: Not enough time to finish reading an article? Do you have to power down your iPad on the plane? No problem, just save the article and read it later!
– Story highlights: Get a quick summary of a story on the first page with these new essential article highlights.
– Media index: Do you want to interact with the news? Now you can access a vast selection of USA TODAY photo galleries and videos.

I’ve only just installed the update a short while ago, but I have to say the fresh new look and interface make a very good first impression.

Here are a few more screenshots of the new interface, starting with today’s Tech section:

USA Today iPad tech section

Here’s the USA TODAY photo galleries:

USA Todat gallery

The Day In Sports gallery:

USA Today Day in Sports

And the sidebar popover for Sports:

USA Today Sports popover

I did a review of USA TODAY for iPad back in 2010 and was very impressed with it. I’ve written about it often since then, as it continues to be updated and improved all the time, and it was a Best Free iPad App of the Week pick as well. It may not be the most heavyweight of print titles, but it has been one of the newspapers that has best adapted to the iPad right from the beginning and is still one of the best, real iPad editions I’ve seen – and continues to be a free app too.

Here’s an App Store link for USA TODAY for iPad.

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9 thoughts on “USA TODAY for iPad Gets Major 3.0 Update”

  1. The previous USA Today app was intuitive and simple. A real change from the noisy, flashy, apps that completely get in the way of the content the new app joins that fray. Sad.

  2. Read the comments in IPAD APP store — “everyone” except the press hates this version —- buggy and very non-functioning — just go read the reviews….

  3. The new USA Today format on the IPad is a total disaster! The old version was much cleaner to scroll through and hone in on what you wanted to read. The crossword, which was one of my favorite things to do each day is absolutely impossible to work now. Somehow it’s locked & I can’t scroll the clues up or down or even get a hint with the icon at the top. Don’t know what the deal is, but if someone has a solution, I’d appreciate being enlightened.

  4. Unbelievably bad app now. I used to enjoy this app, especially the crossword. It is not worth the aggravation, so I have removed it from my iPad. Too bad!

  5. The new USA today App is just terrible, especially the crossword. The old version was smooth and fun. Did anyone even try the new puzzle? It is unworkable!!!

  6. I live in the UK and used the old app every day to keep me up dated on US news. The new version 3.0 is simply awful – go read the iTunes reviews. A real mess – shows how far removed programmers are from real life! The irony is, I am a photographer and loved the old layout for photographs. With this one I can’t find anything I am looking for – total mess! Deleting the app and looking for another US newspaper app to take its place.

  7. This update has caused me to uninstall this app. Loyal readers know that this update is a total boondoggle. There were so many negative reviews on the App Store that they stopped showing them. This review is a joke. Please make the old version available for download.

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