USA Today Just Gets It When It Comes to iPad Editions

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USA Today for iPad

USA Today for iPad got another update last night, to Version 1.6. The update is not a big, major one – but it adds a couple of quite nice little features:

– Tapping an article image now enlarges the image.
– Videos are now presented with related articles when available. Video is presented in an overlay, but can be expanded fullscreen with a pinch or by tapping the expand arrow in the video player controls.

Both of these may be relatively minor features, but they’re also very iPad-like. They feel right and at home in an iPad edition. In fact, the more time I spend with USA Today for iPad, the more convinced I am that it’s far and away the best iPad edition of any major newspaper.

I reviewed USA Today for iPad a few months back, and was very impressed with it right away. Since then, the app has continued to receive regular updates. All of hem have been fairly small, but all have continued to add quality to the app and continued to make it more and more of a great fit for the iPad.

The two new features in this update are good examples. Being able to just tap an image to see it enlarged is a nice touch, as is being able to easily swap in and out of full-screen mode in videos within the app.


While I was checking out the new features last night, I noticed another thing that shows off what an iPad-savvy app this really is. When I looked in on their coverage of the Rangers vs. Yankees ALCS Game 6, I saw that it was not s static article at all. It was a liveblog of the game, with regular updates as the innings played out.

That’s just great stuff. And it’s exactly the sort of thing that a print edition can never offer; absolutely the sort of thing I want to see in an iPad edition.

As good as it is to find great apps within the App Store, it’s even better to find those that don’t stand on their laurels and just keep improving. USA Today for iPad is definitely in that category.

You can find this latest version of USA Today for iPad in the App Store now, and it is still a free app.

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