Using Manage to Get Things Done on iPad

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Since I aim to integrate the iPad into my workflow more and more, I recently shopped around for an app that would replace the 1000 post-its that accumulated on my desk during my work day. Surely there was an app for that, I thought to myself. Problem was there are many.

Apps to aid us in our productivity are a dime a dozen on the App Store. Hence, Get Stuff Done even has its own Quick Link featuring a comprehensive sub-section of apps ranging in price, possibility and power, all promising to promote our productive side.

Only a few have a try-me-and-you’ll-like-me lite version. And there was no way I was going to pay for a bunch of apps before knowing which one suited me best. After a bit a research, I decided on Manage for the iPad for my Getting Things Done solution. Here’s why…

Faced with so many choices, I soon realized I had to clearly identify what I was looking for. While I was willing to mould my habits to a certain degree, I was less keen on adapting myself to a completely new system of working. I essentially wanted a flexible yet straightforward listmaker that was graphically pleasing (to encourage me to use it).

I’ve been using Manage for the past week and although it does not have everything yet, I’m quite pleased with my choice. It has a similar look to the Notes app in that it resembles a real-life leather pad with plastic encasing. In the horizontal view, you have pens (to jot) and highlighters (to prioritize) on the left and the main list area on the right. You can sort list items according to priority, date due or completed, erasing tasks or opting to keep them on the list. You can also add notes or sub tasks to individual items.

There were a few more things I was looking for that Manage does not have at the moment, e.g. alerts, adding emoticons or icons to items, integration with apps like iCal or rewards. My husband would also be happy about a German version. The developer appreciates feedback and promises lots of practical and exciting features in upcoming updates.

In the meantime, I’d definitely recommend you give Manage a try. It’s available for $2.99 as a standalone app on the App Store.

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