Incredible 99 Cents App Measures Your Heart Rate & Breathing Rate via iPad 2 Camera

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Vital Signs Camera

Talk about a Wow Factor iPad app – Vital Signs Camera is definitely in that category.

This app measures your heart rate and breathing rate ‘remotely’, via the iPad 2 camera. It costs just $0.99 and it’s incredible to try this app out and see how well it works. Here’s how it works:

— It measures your heart rate from the color of your face, as your heartbeat causes small changes. Breathing rate is measured by analyzing the motion of your chest.

It’s dead simple to use as well. You place the iPad on a table (I used a stand) and position your face within the marked area shown on the app’s screen – then just sit still while it does its measuring. After a short while (well under a minutes) it will show your heart rate and breathing rate and let you know if they are average or low or high.

I’ve been playing with this for a little while just now, and it’s really amazing to see it in action. I started out just sitting around and finding the best position to have my face properly in the marked area while also being comfortable to sit still. Then I did a few sets of curls just to watch my heart rate increase a bit – and it did.

The Disclaimer section of the About page in the app makes it clear that …

The Vital Signs Camera App for iPad 2 is not intended for diagnosis or for clinical measurements, monitoring or decision making. Measurements and statistics are provided for entertainment purposes only.

It also has a statement about data collection, that includes this text:

Philips does not collect, use or otherwise process any of your personal information in connection with your use of the Philips Vital Signs Camera App.

The app does offer the ability to share your results – via Facebook, Twitter, and email – but no sharing happens unless you manually choose to do it.

Here’s an App Store link for Vital Signs Camera; it’s priced at just $0.99.

If you’re looking for a wow factor iPad 2 app, or an app that makes the iPad 2 camera useful, this is a heck of a good option.

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