VMware Is Planning an iPad App

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VMware – makers of leading virtualization software – apparently have plans for an iPad app. They’ve even shown an early preview of their VMware View for iPad app at the recent VMworld conference.

VMware briefly showed off its in-development iPad client during the VMworld keynote address, including the ability to have a desktop “follow” a user from one device to the next. That means a user can log into a desktop on a PC, then shift to an iPad, and then move to a laptop, and the user state and settings will remain intact each time the user switches devices.\

Mware View iPad users will click on an icon that brings them to their full desktop, but with the iPad’s touchscreen interface, including a virtual keyboard and touch-based mouse.

There’s no word yet on when we may see this app – but it’s one I’ll be looking forward to trying out.  I use VMware Fusion every day on my MacBook Pro, it’s an essential app for me. 

Via: Macworld

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