Warning: Latest Update to TWCable TV App for iPad Renders the App Useless

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If you use the TWCable TV app for iPad and see an update listed for it with the version number 2.0.0, don’t apply it! Unless you’d like the app to become completely unusable that is.

This latest update has completely broken the app. I’ve used this app on my iPad before, and liked it – but after installing last night’s update all I see is the screen shown above, which reads:

The programming you have requested is only available when you are accessing this video service in your home, using a cable modem authorized by Time Warner Cable.

My iPad 2 is in my home and the cable modem is the same one we’ve had for ages, installed by TWC and obviously an authorized device.

The app also now has the delightful habit of forgetting my TWC login information each time I exit it and go back in.

These issues are not just affecting me – a quick look at the App Store page for the app shows that many other users have had the same results after applying the update.

I’ve tried contacting the listed support for the app, which is TWC’s website, and spoken to a rep via live chat. The rep had no information to offer and could only say my issue has been escalated to a ‘separate group’ that handles these issues and I would be contacted in 24-48 hours about it. Lame and unimpressive.

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    1. No. I don’t see that listed on the App Store on the iPad, in iTunes on the desktop, or in AppShopper – all list 2.0.0 as the latest update.

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