Watch the Super Bowl Live on the iPad

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Fox Sports Go fof iPad

Need a way to watch the Super Bowl on an iPad today? Just in case you’re not headed to a Super Bowl party,  a sports bar, or just a date with a recliner and a massive TV at home, there’s an iPad app that will let you watch the game live here in the US.

The app is called Fox Sports Go, and as the name might suggest it’s from Fox Sports. The app provides live coverage, scores and highlights for a range of sports – from UFC to the UEFA Champions League – and today it will offer up the final and biggest game of the NFL season.

The only catch I can see with the app is that you need to be with one of the supported TV providers to see all the live coverage. These are the providers listed for the app:

•AT&T U-verse
•Cablevision Optimum
•Comcast XFINITY
•Midcontinent Communications

One thing to note: Time Warner Cable is not in that list. I’m a TWC customer for cable TV and intenet, and I can currently watch several items that are listed as ‘Live’ within the app – so it looks like I should be good to watch the Super Bowl love too, though obviously I’m not certain of that.

Here’s an App Store link for Fox Sports Go; it’s a free app.

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