Weather HD Gets Another Minor Update

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Weather HD – the best simple weather app for the iPad – has had another minor update today, to Version 1.6.3. The only new feature in the update is this one:

Now you can show the Sunrise and Sunset in the forecast details. Enable them from the Settings.

A little thing for sure, but one I’m quite fond of – especially at this time of year where it gets dark so early. The recent 1.6 update for Weather HD also added new weather animations, compatibility with iOS 5 and Heat Index, Dew Point, and Wind Chill details.

This has always been my favorite iPad weather app because it’s just beautiful (many apps have imitated the video animations it uses, but none have done them as well) and it’s great for quick, at a glance weather checking. I’m happy to see it continuing to add little bits of information like this, especially as it offers the ability to toggle these on and off individually per your preferences. So if you want to see sunrise times but do not want any heat index or dew point info, it’s easy to set it that way.

Here’s an App Store link for Weather HD; it’s priced at $0.99.

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