What Happened to the Analytics Tiles iPad App?

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This week a favorite iPad app of mine disappeared. Well, first it stopped working, then it pretty much vanished. I’ve enjoyed using the Analytics Tiles app for years to keep track of statistics for this site and others that I’ve been involved with. It was even one of the picks in our roundup of the Best iPad Apps of 2013 – and I said this about in that post:

Website stats have never looked so beautiful. This app’s unique and clever tiles-based UI makes it a genuine pleasure to keep tabs on your site stats. Each tile on its grid represents a single Google Analytics report. With just a few quick, simple swipe gestures and taps you can scroll the tiles, switch between sites, change the color scheme for each of your sites, and add, remove and change the position of tiles. A brilliant and handy app.

Earlier this week, the aop stopped showing me stats – it just said ‘Oops’ on all its tiles. When I tried to look further at what was wrong the app showed a Google authentication error. I tried a couple of things and then figured a removal and reinstall might help. So I deleted the app and went to the Purchased section of the App Store to download it again. And it wasn’t there. I searched for it in the App Store as well – no results.

It looks as if, at least for now, Analytics Tiles for iPad is just gone. I’m guessing that maybe it’s ‘broken’ due to some change that Google has made in their Google Analytics service – but I could easily be way off.

Here’s hoping that whatever went wrong can be fixed, and that we soon see the return of this great little app.

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13 thoughts on “What Happened to the Analytics Tiles iPad App?”

  1. It’s frustrating when a beloved app disappears. Where did TileDeck go? First it went “Lite” and was full of ads then it just “went away”. I, and many other artists, use that app all the time. There are similar ones but nothing this from the ground up DIY. It still works fine on my iOS 7 iPad Air but with it gone (for good?) that means no more upgrades. TileDeck, say you’re not gone!

  2. Yes, it just stopped working, and it’s gone from the App store too. I eventually figured out it’s by a company called interactivemonday Ltd. The website simply says, “Apologies, we are aware of the issue with the app and are working on a fix. Until an update is released, we are super sorry for the trouble!”

      1. Same issue with me. Tried two other apps that don’t show $sales or conversion.
        Has anyone found an alternative to Tiles that shows this info etc?

    1. Latest notice on their website: Update > A fix is currently pending approval, unfortunately it is out of our hands but we hope it will be through soon.

  3. I really appreciate your post. I had the same exact experience and thought I had just done something wrong because I’m a fairly remedial app user (had also just updated my Iphone and thought that might have caused the problem). Any suggestions on a replacement app that is as easy to set up, use and view? I don’t need deep level stats, just the basics. Thank you.

    1. I was previously using one called ‘Dash GA’ or in the store ‘Dash – for Google Analytics.’ It was OK, but nothing quite like Analytics Tiles. I don’t recall setup being all that hard, but with multiple sites, I had to keep re-selecting profiles every launch for all but the first site (maybe that is fixed now… I should check it again). It certainly was a bit harder to setup everything to my liking, but not terrible.

  4. FYI they have updated their site with:
    Update > A fix is currently pending approval, unfortunately it is out of our hands but we hope it will be through soon.

  5. I have been using a really smooth predictive dashboard for the last few months. They just released an email saying they have an APP that will be coming soon. But the dashboard is amazing. It’s also really easy to sign up, you can just sign in using your Google analytics gmail account and complies all of your data. Check it out, the company is called ingroove.com. It looks like you can sign up here.. app.ingroove.com/signup

  6. I love the app and i miss it !
    i realy hope the app will be avalible again asap.
    there is no real alternative out there for it (if u ask me).

  7. The app is back!!!!! under update – purchases u can find it and install it and its Wooooorking!!!! yeayyyyy im soooo happy :)

  8. It’s back… yay!

    The note about important security fixes is a bit disconcerting, though. I hope that was more along the lines of not conforming to Goggle’s security policies, than something like our login’s being swiped, etc.

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