What The? iWork iOS Apps Showing as Not Free Anymore

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Update: My bad, and apologies for my error here. Apple has made these apps free for purchasers of new iPads and iPhones and also as free upgrades to the latest version for those who already owned the apps. I somehow missed that detail – and my only excuse is that it doesn’t make much sense to me to not just go the whole hog here on offering these apps for free.

Well this is pretty bizarre. All of Apple’s iWork apps for iOS – Keynote, Numbers, and Pages – are showing as paid for apps in the App Store this morning.

As you can see in the screencap above, Numbers is listed at its old price point of $9.99 – and Keynote and Pages are the same.

These apps were announced as being free apps by Apple at their iPad event last month. It was a big, much talked about and heavily praised move as well. I don’t recall hearing anything about the apps being free only for a limited time – it was taken as a permanent move.

So I hope and expect that this is just a glitch of some kind – and Apple will get the apps marked as free again soon.

The 3 apps are also showing at $9.99 at AppShopper.com

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5 thoughts on “What The? iWork iOS Apps Showing as Not Free Anymore”

  1. Did you return your iPad Air? the apps are only free to people who purchase iPad Air and/or iPad Mini with Retina. If you returned your Air already, the system may detect that you no longer meet that criteria?

  2. I seem to recall them only being free with purchase of a new iOS device, and I don’t think the App Store ever said they were free. On my end at least.

  3. Didn’t you listen to the Apple event? They are only free if you purchase a new Mac, iPhone, or iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina. Maybe you should do some research before you publish.

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